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We are thrilled you have visited our website today and hope you can visit us again. Gospel Radio-East Africa is:-


Lighting the Way:

It is so important for us to grow as Christians and this growth is the heart of GREA!  Gospel Radio-East Africa hopes to bring to you a daily motivational programs live and on Internet that helps you mature in your faith.  Programs like “Turning Point” with Dr. David Jeremiah, “Insight for Living” with Chuck Swindoll, and several other programs local and International on satellite so that your heart will be encouraged to apply the Scriptures to your daily life.


Learning the truth:

Do you hunger to know more about The Bible?   Do you desire to have a better understanding of God’s Word and what it means to you personally?  Are you looking for answers?  If so, then GREA can meet your needs!  The    inspired teaching of men such as John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, Michael Youssef, Charles Stanley, Bobby McNutt and others within and International can make the Scriptures come alive with meaning!  These teachers will enrich your mind and spirit and help build up the foundation of your faith!


Living a Life:

Gospel Radio-East Africa wants to be a part of your life and involved in the Christian community in Uganda and South Sudan.  We want to be the “Christian Information Source” in this area, acting as a voice to the voiceless and providing forums for social debates.  Send us your news about concerts, dramas, special events and other Christian happenings in the area.  We’ll do everything we can to promote Christian events in Uganda and South Sudan.


Your support of GREA is prayerfully appreciated.  We depend solely on the financial support of our partners.  After a time in prayer, if you, your family or business feel led to contribute to the ministry of Gospel Radio-East Africa, please contact us at the address and the phone number listed below.


Post Office Box 162/Moyo Uganda

Phone: +256-775905752



No one embarks on a Jurney without a plan. And, every plan needs someone to overee it. Who oversees your plans? God or you? Commit your Plans to God. You may plan to go in one direction. God may change your plans because they don`t go in the direction He wants to take you. Does that mean you have failed?  No, It simply means that He knows a better way.  He created you. He loves you. And, He wants His plans to be your plans (Jurney (c)  Lighthouse Christian Products C0.

To edify the body of Christ by Preaching the Word! 2 Timothy 4:2.
To make Christ known to all men, nations, tribes and languages through Radio Broadcast.

We are providing feeding support for 361 children studying in rural  Nursery schools of Madi Sub-Region, Moyo Northern Uganda.


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